Denture Clinic in Toukley



Our Team — Denture Clinic in Toukley, NSW
Toukley Denture Clinic has been servicing Central Coast residents since opening in Toukley in 1983. We have been working directly with the public since then, instead of being used as just a laboratory by dentists.
What We Do
We offer full upper and lower dentures. These are worn by patients who are missing all of their teeth in either the maxillary (upper jaw) or mandibular (lower jaw). They are made from natural coloured acrylic.

More Details
Jim Christopherson is a member of the Australian Dental Prosthetists Association
Jim (Prosthetist) — Denture Clinic in Toukley, NSW
As a registered dental prosthetist, Jim works directly with and for the public. There is NO need for a referral from a dentist or/and doctor.
All dentures are custom made in consultation with Jim (in other words, your input and opinions are valued and will be taken into consideration).