About Us

Jim & Jenny — Denture Clinic in Touckley, NSW
Jim & Kyrah — Denture Clinic in Touckley, NSW
Hannah & Kyrah — Denture Clinic in Touckley, NSW
Lorraine & Jenny — Denture Clinic in Touckley, NSW
Mission Statement

To provide a quality denture service in a friendly, caring environment.

The company was originally established in Sydney in 1965 by Jim's father, Chris and Chris's wife Beryl as a commercial dental lab. In 1983, Chris and Beryl, along with Jim and his wife, Jenny, brought the company to Toukley on the Central Coast. At this time, Jim began working directly for the public rather than being used as a lab by dentists.

Being his own boss, Jim has the freedom to run his clinic as he sees fit. We love to have a good yarn and a giggle with our patients and as we are a family business, we like to think that we see our patients as people and not simply as numbers in a computer.
About Us
Jim (Prosthetist) & Jenny (Practice Manager)

We live by the notion "Work to Live, don't Live to Work" and we do just that... Live... We treasure the times we are able to spend with our grandchildren. We are both avid travellers (both internationally and domestic) as well as 4WD enthusiasts. We spent the best part of 14 years involved with the Scouting movement, however we have moved on to a more relaxed 4WD Club scene. When we do have some down time at home, we are forever catching up on our endless supply of TV shows and movies etc.

Kyrah (Office Manager / Ass. Dental Technician)

Our daughter, Kyrah joined the team in mid-2006 whilst finishing her final year of high school. Kyrah has since obtained a Bachelor of Arts in French Studies, Classical Languages and Linguistics. She has been bitten by the travel bug just as badly as we have and is always planning her next adventures.

Hannah (Receptionist/Hygiene Manager)

Hannah started working with us mid-2014 and is currently studying Graphic Design at Charles Sturt University by distance education. She is Kyrah's housemate, bestie from high school and is a long-time honorary member of the family.

Lorraine (Receptionist)

Jenny's sister, Lorraine, is a retired veterinary nurse of 20 years. She joined the team in April 2016 as a casual member, filling in for Hannah when she is off doing university work. Lorraine loves animals and does volunteer work with local wildlife sanctuaries.